Glad you could pop in — If you're looking for a writer and editor who can greatly increase the unity and power of your organization's written voice, you've come to the right place.

My specialty is marketing communications; I help organizations to reach their target audience by profiling their successes and articulating their visions. As an experienced journalist with extensive senior-level experience, I ensure that all communications carry the maximum impact and maintain the highest standards for consistency, accuracy, and adherence to top-level positioning. When I worked as a journalist, I specialized in consumer and small-business technology, writing about and reviewing countless hardware and software products.

I also have a strong interest in music, and the digital technologies that are allowing people to produce and share music in more immediate ways. Currently, I'm recording songs using a desktop studio built around Digidesign Pro Tools and Apple GarageBand, and I'm learning everything I can about this wonderfully complex and endless process. I'm always eager to learn about new technologies that simplify and expand musical expression.

Take a glance at my résumé, or browse through one or two of my writing samples. If you'd like to discuss a project, please give me a call at 510.235.5394, or send an email.